A Lost Pet – What to Do as Owner or Finder

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After recently finding a lost dog, Board Member Jerrey Finnegan shared these tips on lost pets!


Losing your dog or cat or finding someone’s lost pet is emotional and a quandary.  How do you find your pet?  How do you find the owner?  What should and can you do?

If you are a pet owner, take precautions before your pet becomes lost.  The best thing is to have your dog or cat “chipped” with a small microchip which will allow any vet to identify your pet when it is found.  Scanning for a chip takes seconds and is done free by vets.  Details follow:

The chip…
A microchip, a rice-sized device encoded with a unique and unalterable identification number, is implanted under the skin between your pet’s shoulder blades. Insertion of the chip is quick, painless and entirely safe. The microchip is read when a scanner is passed over the animal. If your pet should become lost or even stolen, animal shelters and veterinarians can scan your pet and obtain owner information, giving you the ability to be quickly reunited with your pet.

The benefits…
As the benefits of microchip identification have become increasingly apparent, the practice is viewed as an essential part of responsible pet care. Veterinarians, shelters and animal advocates recommend micro-chipping as one of the most important actions toward the protection of your pet.

The law…
In fact, Article II., Sec. 531-202 of the Indianapolis/Marion County Code of Ordinances makes an implanted microchip one of the two accepted means of identification required to be worn by dogs and cats in addition to any other tags required by state law or other provision of the Code.

The cost…
It costs only $10 to have your pet micro-chipped at Indianapolis Animal Care & Control. No appointment is necessary and your pet can be micro-chipped anytime during their hours of operation.

Shelter Location and Hours…
Shelter Location:  2600 S Harding Street

Monday-Friday, 10am-6pm
Wednesday, extended hours until 7pm
Saturday, 10am-4pm
Closed Sundays and Holidays

For additional information please call 317-327-1397.

Local vets will also “chip” your pet if that is more convenient!


Ok, so you don’t want to “chip” your pet.  If that is the case, make sure your pet has a collar with a tag giving your phone number.  The rest can be sorted out when your pet is found!  Most pet supply stores can make a collar tag quickly and inexpensively.

If you lose your pet here are some simple steps to hopefully find it quickly:

  1. Contact your neighbors via phone or email
  2. Contact area vets with picture and description of your pet and other information
    1. The Paw Patch Place at 49th & College; call 317-253-5964
    2. Broad Ripple Animal Wellness Center at College & Kessler; call 317-426-7972
    3. Broad Ripple Animal Clinic at 6225 Broadway; call 317-683-0968
    4. Keystone Pet Hospital at 4410 N Keystone; call 317-546-2476
    5. The Neighborhood Vet at 2100 E 62nd St; call 317-722-0811
  3. Post a “Lost Pet” notice on the MKNA Google Group website for your Zone (see back inside cover of MKNA newsletter) or on any other neighborhood website.
  4. Contact and post “Lost Pet” information on the IndyLostPetAlert.com website and/or Facebook.com/IndyLostPetAlert.  It’s FREE
  5. Post signs with your pet’s picture and how to contact you around your area; reward is optional
  6. Stay calm and don’t give up hope!

What if I found a “Lost Pet”?

If you happen to find a lost pet, here are some things you can do to restore the pet to its owner.  Depending on the weather, you may even consider keeping the animal indoors over-night if it is late in the day, cold, or stormy.  That is up to you if you feel comfortable doing so.

To locate a pet’s owner, try the following:

Check for a collar tag so that you can contact the owner directly

  1. If no tags, visit one of the local vets to scan the animal for a chip (See 2 above)
  2. If no chip, leave YOUR contact information and the animal’s description and preferably a picture with vets close to where you live.  The vets often function to reunite pets.
  3. Post a “Found Pet” notice on the MKNA Google Group website for your Zone (see back inside cover of MKNA newsletter) or on any other neighborhood website.
  4. Contact and post “Found Pet” information on the IndyLostPetAlert.com website and/or Facebook.com/IndyLostPetAlert    It’s FREE!
  5. Post signs with the animal’s picture and how to contact you around your area
  6. Be patient!  It may take a day or two.

Hopefully neither eventuality will happen to you but know that a pet owner will be grateful or the pet finder will have a good feeling about reuniting a pet to its rightful owner.

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Congresswoman Brooks' local office hours in Broad Ripple

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Congresswoman Susan Brooks will, for the foreseeable future, be holding local office hours from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month at the Broad Ripple Fire Stattion, 6330 North Guilford Avenue.  Members of her staff will be present during these hours to listen to her constituents. 


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