Final Update: 57th and Central (Case #2014-DV3-045)

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Members of the MKNA Land Use committee continued to meet with concerned residents to work on a compromise that they would be fair and reasonable in this case.  The final commitments were negotiated with the Petitioner and his attorney, and the final commitments (below) were reached.  Having satisfied the major concerns of the neighbors and MKNA, all parties agreed to support the variance petition with commitments.  At the zoning hearing on Tuesday, November 18th, the board of zoning appeals granted the variance, including the commitments.

We appreciate the Petitioner's willingness to work with us on this matter to seek a compromise.  Additionally, we thank the efforts of the neighbors and Land Use Committee members for all their time and effort to work on this case!

Statement of COMMITMENTS:

  1. There shall be a minimum front building setback of 108 feet for Lot 57 and 98 feet for Lot 56, measured from the curbline of Central Avenue.

  2. The minimum side yard building setbacks, measured from the property lines, shall be 5 feet for each side yard of Lot 57 and 7 feet (north line) and 3 feet (south line) for Lot 56.

  3. There shall be a minimum separation of the principal residential dwellings constructed on Lots 56 and 57 of 12 feet.

These COMMITMENTS shall be binding on the owner, subsequent owners, and other persons acquiring an interest in the real estate.  These COMMITMENTS may be modified or terminated by a decision of the Metropolitan Board of Zoning Appeals made at a public hearing after proper notice has been given

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