46th and Central Update

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The MKNA Board, at it's September meeting, voted to deny approval of the Variance of Development Standards requested by Litz and Eaton Investments, LLC (details of the requested and Land Use committee's report posted previously to this blog).  MKNA has had discussions with the petitoner's representatives about any concessions they may be able to make, though nothing formal has been presented.  Information will be updated if anything changes.


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September 2014 Land Use Report

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Land Use Committee Report

September 9th, 2014

Committee Members Present: Justin Kingen, David Gorden, Eileen Hack, Alicia Garceua, Mary Owens, Bill Blue, Adam Cobb, Ivan Barratt, Monica Frost.

Others Present: Caroline Farrar, Nick Colby, not sure if additional other members were present.

4559 N. Central Av (SE Corner of 46th & Central AV) Petition # 2014-DV1-046

The committee heard the case for splitting the lot into two lots for the construction of two homes; one on each lot. Petitioner is seeking 7 variances primarily consisting of setback issues and lot coverage. Full details are on file with the Land Use Committee.  The pubic attendants were mostly opposed to the petition. One of the very few supporters were the adjacent property owners to the East. Public opposition seemed to focus on off topic issues relating to design elements, dissatisfaction with the developer and dissatisfaction with timeline of building the first house preceding any variance requests for the 2 nd lot.

Following the public meeting the Land Use Committee privately discussed the issues at length.

The land use committee recommends denial of this petition primarily due to scale and density as well as the concern for setting a “dangerous precedent” in the neighborhood.

Respectfully submitted,

Ivan Barratt, Chair


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ZONING NOTICE: 46th Street & Central

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4559 N. Central Avenue (SE Corner of 46th & Central Ave.)

Petition # 2014-DV1-046


Litz and Eaton Investments, LLC filed for a Variance of Development Standards to provide for two single family dwellings on two proposed 8,228 sq. ft. lots (minimum 15,000 sq. ft. lots permitted).  The details of the Variance Petition are contained on the reverse side of this notice. 

The MKNA Land Use Committee is hosting a public informational meeting to review this petition as follows:

                   When:    Tuesday, September 9 at 6:30 p.m.

         Where:   Northwood Christian Church ~ Fellowship Hall (Lower level)

                        4550 N. Central Ave.


The Land Use Committee will make a recommendation to support or oppose this request to the MKNA Board of Directors at its Sept. 11th board meeting.  Your input on this petition is strongly recommended. 

Click here for the zoning notice containing details of the variances requested.



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